A Boatbuilder’s Story – proof

Today was a good day… I got to see the bound proof of A Boatbuilders Story, it looked fantastic – printed on a heavyweight silk finish paper it’s a slightly larger format than the original. My sister, Sally Mitchell, has done a fantastic job with all the text and layouts and I was very happy to see how well all the old photographs have reproduced. The new section written by Gary has added a great deal to the book and properly closes the chapter so to speak on the boatyard in Portmellon. It really is all looking rather good. The picture below is the proof of the cover design, faithful to the original but with a more modern twist. All the books will be hardcover as standard, it really added only a little to the price so we decided to just go with it. So, with the proof approved the book can go to print which means it’s not long now. There will be a web page where you’ll be able to buy online, expect that sometime around early to mid-December once the books are in stock. Stay tuned!

** update: now available, click here **

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