A splash of sunshine

It turns out there is enough room and reason, just, to squeeze in one more post before the end of the year. Just pictures… the sun shone and the surf was pumping a couple of days ago so I caught up with a couple of my surf kayaking friends at… more »

More Beach

There are days when I just need to be by the sea.. usually when, for whatever reason, I can’t be in it or on it… or on my bike. I don’t go to the beach to take pictures but I do take pictures at the beach. A beautiful autumn day… more »

A Small Wave

Hmmm, a month since last being inspired to write anything at all. It was a weird month… bit off-colour such I couldn’t, still can’t, ride more than a few km, or paddle a kayak much.. and as you would expect I’m a bloody terrible patient so keep trying to do too… more »

The Beach

You know that post I mentioned in my last post that was coming… this isn’t it. Rather this is because I apparently should share more of my incidental photography.. at least until I get around to building a picture site.. so here is some… I confess I have increasing doubts… more »

the end of BST

so the UK media has been going stupid over what is being ‘marketed’, for want of a better term, as ” the worst storm to hit the UK in years…” the reality from where I am sitting is that it is certainly no worse than any number of storms to… more »


With not many days left before I hit the road folk keep asking me if I’m busy getting ready for upcoming bicycle journey.. and it makes me wonder if I should be doing ‘something’ to get ready.. as I’m not. Heck it’s always like this, all I need to do… more »

winter light.. again

Fabulous, rapidly changing light here this afternoon as heavy rain squalls sweep in off the Atlantic in gale force winds. Love it. I stuffed a couple of rolls of Provia 100 in my pocket and legged it down to the beach with my Zeiss Ikon .. but stuffed my battered… more »