More Beach

There are days when I just need to be by the sea.. usually when, for whatever reason, I can’t be in it or on it… or on my bike. I don’t go to the beach to take pictures but I do take pictures at the beach. A beautiful autumn day yesterday with light winds and hazy, warm sunshine… so that was my morning. With kilometres of empty sand to enjoy, a couple of hours of idle wandering and reflection followed by a spot of people watching at the always  busier Godrevy/Gwithian main beach. With the summer holidays well and truly over there were not enough people to detract from the sense of space, and the light, with the reflected glare from the wet sand of a receding tide, was rather lovely. I love the simplicity of such scenes and the way people become merely shapes and colours in an empty canvas.

I also enjoy the little moments of humour. Not sure what the dog made of this… a friend made the observation that it looked more like a farting competition than a group workout.. so I’m going with that ;-)
I so wish he’d been wearing a knotted handkerchief on his head rather than a cap…
Red things on a pale blue canvas always good… are yellow things.
I’ve noticed that pics like this don’t always make sense to others… but it does to me :-)


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