West Cornwall Sea Kayak Meet

This past weekend was the West Cornwall Sea Kayak meet.. an informal gathering of sea kayakers from all over the country. It was excellent. Something like 80 paddlers from  far flung corners of the UK showed up which was especially brilliant as we are out on a bit of a… more »

Winter o’clock in the west

The sun came out yesterday as the remnants of the latest storm blew themselves out on the granite cliffs around here… it was quite a beautiful scene with the ocean in stunning turquoise plumage as a result of being super-aerated by the wave action.. and they were good waves, offshore… more »

a quiet ocean

I’ve been feeling utterly uninspired to write this past few weeks.. something to do with the prolonged spell of proper summer weather so when not busy working just spending all my time on the bike, in the surf (when there is some…) or in the kayak. No real words today,… more »

more Lands End sea kayak

Yesterday I joined a couple of friends, Mark, visiting from Dorset, and regular paddling buddy Sam, for a day out padding the seas around Lands End.. again.. but it never gets boring there. This time conditions were a perfect balance of light winds but with some wave action to make… more »

Sea foam..

I think I’m suffering a ‘dry’ period with respect to inspiration for words and pictures.. reason being I have got a lot to think about at the moment with respect to business ideas and so on.. doing quite a lot of that thinking on my bike but nothing I could… more »

a few more sea kayaking pics..

apologies for lack of words this past week, busy and lacking inspiration .. so by way of something of a continuation of the Lands End theme in my previous post below I’ll just throw a few ‘sea kayaking Lands End on a very calm spring day’ flavoured pictures at you… more »

back on the water..

back on the water after an enforced layoff of 5 weeks… I felt very out of tune with my boat and I’m still not fully recovered but it was so good to be afloat again. Some pictures follow from the last couple of days. Very little swell running but with… more »