a quiet ocean

I’ve been feeling utterly uninspired to write this past few weeks.. something to do with the prolonged spell of proper summer weather so when not busy working just spending all my time on the bike, in the surf (when there is some…) or in the kayak. No real words today, just a few pics from a day on which the Atlantic ocean was exceptionally quiet.. potentially rather dull for someone that likes playing in the rough.. but calm weather does have compensations… ;-)

fabulous early morning misty light below the cliffs of Lands End.
classic bit of west Cornwall granite
mmm, caves…
not even the slightest murmur of a ground swell.
it’s very rare for the Longships reef to be this quiet, even when nothing is happening elsewhere one can usually expect to find some movement out here
not a very good pic but it needed taking.. the sun was overhead and bright and manoeuvring options were limited..  up close and personal with the wreck of the RMS Mulheim, probably not a very bright thing to do unless as calm as it was..
and think yourself thin…
Clear seas, sunny skies. Not boring at all really.


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