back on the water..

back on the water after an enforced layoff of 5 weeks… I felt very out of tune with my boat and I’m still not fully recovered but it was so good to be afloat again. Some pictures follow from the last couple of days. Very little swell running but with the perigee moon we have at the moment the tides were flowing very strongly around Lands End and out around the brooding  Longships Reef.. so great for some play, rescues, rolling and re-entry practice in difficult water and so on, things that I wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to practice in such an environment without a safety of net of equally  competent paddlers, plus of course coaching from friend and level 5 coach Richard of Paddlecrest Coaching, which was the whole point really, so an extremely valuable and fun couple of days on the water, although I’m completely shagged again now with a bunch of sore joints and muscles  :-| Aside from that sea kayaking is such a terrific social sport and I’m sure I’ll be back on full form at some point soon provided I’m careful to take things easy for a while.

I was struck in particular by the clarity of the water around Lands End.. it’s something I always appreciate but not so much from below the surface, I spend nearly all my inverted/rolling time in the surf, in my surf boat, where the water is all churned up and murky and one cannot see a thing.. I’d forgotten quite how crystal clear the sea is from below around here once well away from any surf zones. Fantastic.

Rick gives it some, the wind was howling through this gap

a somewhat rough lunch stop..

one thing you won’t appreciate from this pic is that Rick has only one leg, he lost it from above the knee while serving in the military a number of years ago. The system he has worked out for managing his kayak with a prosthetic leg is simply fantastic.

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