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Yesterday I joined a couple of friends, Mark, visiting from Dorset, and regular paddling buddy Sam, for a day out padding the seas around Lands End.. again.. but it never gets boring there. This time conditions were a perfect balance of light winds but with some wave action to make rock-hopping and ‘caving’ fun, some swells to surf and big spring tides so the tidal races off Gwennap Head and the Longships reefs were going off nicely (although the lack of wind on them meant they weren’t really steep enough to surf). Fantastic day out. Mark is a writer and photographer (and teacher in his spare time..) with an excellent blog (South West Sea Kayaking here). He had his SLR tucked away in a dry bag in his cockpit so in a day or two hopefully there’ll be some more photos to look at, stay tuned. So given that was Friday my Saturday plan once I have finished this is to catch up with a bit of work.. and go riding, possibly not in that order. In the meantime however..

in the bay at Nanjizal there is a sandbar just offshore. If the tide and swell is right it produces a nice little wave to surf.. conditions were spot on for some play, it steepens very quickly so in contrast to Monday in Mounts Bay this time on the bigger waves it was almost impossible not to stuff my bows in for the occasional comedy moment.
nothing heavy duty, just fun. You can just see the Longships reef in the distance….
..where Mark produced a diving mask we could use for some seal watching.. the water here is fantastically clear..
… although to be honest the seals were far better at watching us. Being careful not to disturb seals hauled out on the rocks, but those in the water are invariably curious about sea kayaks… like this big grey enjoying a view of Sam from, err, behind ;-)
Longships reef at low tide, yesterday’s tidal range was 4.7m.. a low of 0.9 and high of 5.6
back amongst the sheltered ‘pools’ below the cliffs of low water Lands End
through the arch..
such great place to explore, and has a different character every time I visit.
Nothing quite like the granite cliffs of west Cornwall
looking at Mark’s paddle blade one can appreciate the stunning clarity of the water..
Back on dry land at the end of a great day with great company, kayaks at the top of the slipway at Porthgwarra.. and us in the cafe behind for tea and ice cream :-)

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