You know those vaguely damp looking patches of fur you see on the road sometimes… that may once have been a rabbit or fox but reduced to anonymous flatness by passing traffic… I felt kind of like that once the satisfaction of arriving had worn off, hehe, although Nina’s BBQ innovation of bananas cooked in their skins but slit and filled with dark chocolate went some way to alleviating that.. or perhaps it was the red wine…. but no matter her farewell asado was a tasty affair :-) I also take pleasure from a most excellent adventure and can think about returning to the Himalayas again… or something ;-) In the meantime however I finally mustered up the motivation to venture further than the bar and take a look at Ushuaia…

when the sun shines the streets are colourful

It is a chilly place… the warmest month is January with an average temperature of just 10.4 degs C…  I have been lucky this last couple of days, the sun has been out and the wind dropped…  it has felt positively balmy… but there is still a sub-polar chill in the air and the mornings are frosty. It is also a small town of about 64,000 people. I like it. Tomorrow I think I shall swap bike shorts for tourist underpants and take a boat trip out on the Beagle Channel :-)

steep streets & yellow buses
well endowed with watering holes….
a particularly pleasing arrangement of poles…. to me anyway ;-)
a family enjoying sunday afternoon on the waterfront
the naval representation…
yet another deliciously ‘fatigued’ old American pick-up.
old and, in the background, new…
the skipper was caught out by an unusually low tide….
this lovely old DC3 is sadly no longer flying.

if you have enough wedge then you too can drink tea here… ;-)
… at the aeroclub.
ship is in…
on the waterfront

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