Summer.. at last!

a fabulously sunny, self-indulgent weekend consisting of lots of miles on my bike Saturday and a terrific day on the water today. Launched out of Sennen for a trip around ‘the end’ with friends. Just enough swell coming in from the Atlantic to make it fun, and admittedly jangle the nerves a little at times negotiating some very tight spots in and around the cliffs below Lands End (there’s a joke in there about ‘cracks’ I expect..) with bigger sets arriving at regular intervals. Good fun. I have yet to find a camera solution that lets me photograph the interesting stuff from my preferred position ‘in the thick of it’.. however in the meantime here’s a few snaps of the more mellow moments..

favourite colour..
heading back to Sennen at the end of what is one of the UK’s finest sea kayak days out
Lands End.. always good
the approach to what is a very special cave..
what summer is supposed to look like… lunch at Porth Chapel before heading on to Porthcurno to look at the tourists and feel smug about being afloat rather than sharing the beach :-)
very sheltered at Porthgwarra
very much a happy smiley sort of a day
somewhere near Nanjizal
Orange boats always look great on a sunny day

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