Five Photos, #5

Here we are, last one… no reason in particular for choosing this one.. I could have picked any number of street, travel or otherwise flavoured pics… but this evening I’m of a mind for mountains and I like this pic and have happy memories of that trip… Mountains are ace :-)

Took this in BC, looking for some slightly less accessible peaks. The day turned into a good one, I have a strong memory of losing my bottle rather unexpectedly while leading the descent of a rock chimney that transitioned to a north-facing ice face maybe 1000ft high and almost sheer with a large bergschrund  at the bottom… it would have been OK but when I swung my axe to cut a step to ease the transition from rock face to ice… it bounced – the ice was that hard… it was enough to turn me off the idea of continuing that route completely despite having properly sharp crampons… so we had to climb back up the chimney and find an alternative route. It happens sometimes. I might have been a little sheepish about it at the time. All good fun.

Oh while I’m at it, while browsing for pics I stumbled across this one I’d completely forgotten about.. also a mountain ;-) Different part of the world.. Switzerland..

About 6am in the morning looking across at the Portjenhorn (3567m) from the southwest ridge of the Wiessmies (4017m).. the weather had been quite stormy overnight and was still snowing when I set off from the hut before dawn, but as the sun came up the storm cleared and left some wonderful lighting.

There you go Chyrel, hope that was to your satisfaction ;-)

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