Summer Nights

Just a couple of snaps from the just past weekend local ‘adventure’ with friends. I was going to include them as part of a post I’m working on that, for once isn’t about me, ha, and that also, for a change, requires me to think a little about what I’m going to write  – it’s important you see. I changed my mind however on including them in that post so, while  that one sits in my drafts for a little while longer, I’m slinging them up here. I’m sure I’ll manage to insert myself into that next post somehow however, because, well, you know…  ;-)

Sunset. Cornwall doesn’t have any wilderness.. but it does have some quite wonderful spots to spend a perfect summer night, and it really does not take much imagination to escape the tourists. Happily.  I’ve been riding around on my old Nomad quite a lot recently.. the bike has lots of happy memories worn into the patina of its paintwork  – it has become very much a treasured friend that I’m quite happy to ‘sleep with’ if you see what I mean..
.. and dawn. My old (ancient.. relatively, 1998 vintage) Integral Designs Siltarp 1 is perfect pitched like this on a night with only the possibility of a light shower and a heavy dew. It’s gone a bit slack with the damp, I need to make myself some kevlar guys I think which might help.
I’m going to sound like a tree-hugging old hippy but really the early morning is the time that I can most easily tune in to a place, to feel it. I cannot sit on a beach in the conventional sense for more than 10 minutes, but I can sit in this for hours.
Coffee and conversation with other treasured friends is always good too…
sand… lots of sand.

Right, having got that out of the way I can go back to that other post.. stay tuned :-)



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