Oruro… a flavour

I’m still in Oruro today, bit of a tummy bug and fever and so on… all that hard riding over the last couple of weeks must have left my immune system somewhat hammered.. so got run down, little bit sick.. hey ho, occupational hazard so I haven’t been out much today, you know when things ain’t right when all the food stalls stop smelling great and instead turn your stomach… I have tracked down a box of cornflakes for dinner and I’m soo looking forward to them :-)

Despite all that I do have few street snaps from Oruro that might give a little flavour of the place. The funniest thing I keep seeing is little old ladies all bundled up in their traditional dress and bowler hats pulling mobile phones from the folds of their multiple layers of clothing :-)

I don’t think there’s much of interest between here and La Paz, just a busy road so next update when I have something interesting to write about :-)

& one last pic from Challapata I forgot about that I rather like…

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