on the road again

… I did get back on my bike on Wednesday for the beautiful  ride up to Lake Titicaca.. the shores of which I am sat on now in Copacabana some 150km from La Paz… the connection here is really quite shite so I am going to make you wait until I get to Puno (Peru) in a couple of days time and do a decent blog update from there. Copacabana is very touristy.. possibly the most touristy place I have seen so far. I also thought I might make a trip to the Isla del Sol from here but having seen hordes of wannabe hippies, a tribe of young Israelis and British 12yr olds stumble off the boat this evening I’m now not so sure… hmm…. stay tuned…
As for my comment about Brits and Israelis.. sorry about that but Í have seen a lot of very bad, disrespectful behaviour during my travels over the years, including this trip,  and almost always it is either young Israelis or Brits that are to blame. Quite sad. It’s a world I feel apart from.. both because of my age and my mode of travel..  but that’s not to say that I haven´t met nice folk backpacking along the way… :-)

In the meantime I think my two lasting memories of La Paz will be this…

….and that incredible view from the canyon rim above La Paz… not my pic by the way (borrowed from the public domain for the purposes of illustration.. . hehe) both times I passed by the sun was directly in my face so I didn’t bother. No matter, I won’t forget it…!

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