Thursday, Lizard o’clock..

Met up with a couple of friends for a paddle out of Kennack Sands, approaching Lizard Point from the eastern side for a change, and continuing on round to Kynance Cove, very much a favoured lunch stop, for, err.. lunch before heading back… It was a fabulous early winter day on the water.. mellow with a bit of sun, some dramatic skies, enough wave action for some fun and very quiet. Perfect.

this is Taran, visiting from Wales..
there is a paddler in this shot… well.. part of a paddler. .. can you spot?
skies characteristic of a winter spell of high pressure.. it’s not going to last long
Rick has this ‘fantastic’ dayglo hat.. great for visibility
winter days like this have a very mellow feel..
.. well, until the fun parts when one needs to wake up a little
the cliffs here are serpentine rock rather than the granite that characterises much of west of Cornwall
good fun threading through the rocks, enough of a swell to make it exciting
some good caves too…
Lunch on the sandbar at Kynance.. a tricky landing threading between submerged rocks with swells bouncing in off the surrounding cliffs from a number of directions. My planning was spot on… covered at high water I figured on neap tides, an hour after high water, there would be just enough sand to make a dry lunch stop… my timing was perfect :-)
oh I wonder what’s in here…
a somewhat bigger cave…
lovely low sun, no wind.. a gift of a day for November

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