Sixty Degrees of Latitude…

First presented in preview form here Sixty Degrees of Latitude is here at last and available to order. 132 pages of interesting photography, printed on a very high quality ‘lustre’ finish paper.  It is not a travelog as such, nor is it exclusively street photography. Rather it is just a… more »

The road to Pasto..

I’ve just started sorting through all my images from my bike journey over in South America… so it’s been a day of wallowing in memories of some amazing riding… perhaps not as spectacular as my Himalayan journey, the Andes in Southern Colombia were certainly beautiful… this is the road from… more »

Bogotá… a little more

This city has grown on me, when I first arrived I was pretty indifferent however given a few days to get under it’s skin and my perception has changed greatly.. it is a city of hidden treats…. beautiful 17th colonial mansions with gardens and courtyards hiding behind plain facades, rich… more »

more from Villa de Leyva

Check this old truck out (it’s a Ford F350, vintage ?… I have no idea!). I came across it at the market this morning… It is in use as a daily workhorse but the owner is justifiably proud of it, we chatted briefly and I have his portrait with the… more »

Bogotá Impressions…

OK, so what is Bogotá like then…. umm, it’s OK. Feels very European in fact, not particularly attractive apart from the Candelaria district which is the old colonial (and colourful) heart of the city, and is also where I’m staying. It is an interesting warren of narrow cobbled streets and… more »


Hey, I arrived in Bogotá last night after a day of suffering to climb the two and half vertical kilometers up from the Valle de Rio Magdalena… in reality it was more like 3 kilometers of vertical to get over the mountains before descending into Bogota. Although only 98km it… more »

Sweating in Saldaña…

Saldaña was the hottest place I have experienced I think outside of the Australian outback… I arrived from Villavieja, after 90km, around 1pm and unable to cycle any further in the debilitating heat. A cruise through town revealed it to be pretty much deserted apart from the few residents visible… more »

Villavieja and the Tatacoa Desert

It’s only 40km or so from Neiva to Villavieja so I didn’t leave Neiva’till 8am after a leisurely breakfast of bread, coffee and a jug of strwberry juice mixed with milk (yum). Finding the right road out of the city was easy, I mentioned to a truck driver at a stop… more »

San Agustin to Neiva…

Hey, with reference to my last post… it’s the same day and I already found cooler climes… a cafe with air-con :o) The last couple of days have been pretty good going, but bloody hot – especially today. I arrived in Neiva having lost my voice from the stress of… more »

stay tuned..

It’s too hot (38 degs today) here in Neiva to write much, and I’m tired from the last 250km from San Agustin… I’ll tell you all about it with some nice pics once I reach cooler climes…. (just leaving El Maco)

Sunday ride….

Sunday today, last day in this area so I did what any self respecting cyclist would do on a Sunday… go for a ride (enjoying the freedom my bike gives me), stop at a cafe for a brew (in this case a “tinto” – strong black coffee) and finish off… more »

more around San Agustin..

The network of dirt roads around San Agustin is fantastic for exploring on a bike… so that is exactly what I have been doing this last couple of days. There are a number of archeological sites scattered around the hills… some of the statues are supposed to be 4000-6000 yrs… more »

“Colombia Soy Yo…”

Quite funny really, I put it down to Popayan being such a nice town (and possibly one too many beers with friends last night…)…. I suffered a catastrophic failure of motivation this morning and decided to stay another day. The town is transformed from Sunday’s sleepy state into a bustling hive… more »


So I took the bloody bus and I wish I hadn’t. Buses make me miserable, a day on a bus is a ‘nothing day’ and as it happened the information I was given in Pasto wasn’t correct, I saw enough places to stay to have made the journey in 3… more »

Canine reverse-Darwinism.

You know about Darwinism, survival of the fittest and all that… well I have a theory here in Colombia that something similar is going on among the canine population, except here it’s survival of the laziest…. You see unlike in Ecuador I have had no trouble at all with the… more »

Bienvenida a Colombia…

I arrived in Colombia this morning, my plans to arrive yesterday afternoon were scuppered by torrential rain… having left Quito in the rain, sat for 5 and half hours on a bus in the pouring rain (though the sun did come out briefly in the beautiful Chota Valley) I really… more »