Summer.. at last!

a fabulously sunny, self-indulgent weekend consisting of lots of miles on my bike Saturday and a terrific day on the water today. Launched out of Sennen for a trip around ‘the end’ with friends. Just enough swell coming in from the Atlantic to make it fun, and admittedly jangle the… more »

a quick post of an evening flavour

I almost never photograph sunsets.. usual adjectives apply such as ‘uninteresting’, ‘clichéd’ etc etc but every so often one comes along that is worth remembering.. and hence worth a quick snap. I was in the waves with friends down at Sennen Cove on Friday evening after a day of thunderstorms….. more »

mmm…. granite…

Paddled out of Penzance this morning in a thick overcast and cold drizzle.. and now I’m home and tired and can’t be bothered to do much other than have a beer and share some pictures… so here we are. It was one of those days that puts a great big… more »

a crisp northerly

We’ve had a chilly northerly airstream for the last couple of days. I like northerlies, they always bring clear air and a fantastic clarity of light to match the oceans around here. There’s never much swell to play with on a northerly but with a fresh one and decent fetch… more »

down the beach (again)

just about to head out  on my bike for the first time in what feels like forever after the flu knocked me sideways.. in reality just a couple of weeks.. Before I do that however just processed a couple of films with some stuff on from just wandering around down… more »

cold, grey and a great day afloat

I haven’t been in my sea boat much of late.. reasons.. the surf has been good, I’ve been on my bike a lot.. been busy and just not inspired  but today went some way to putting that to rights.. a day with good paddling friends that turned out to be… more »

that yellow sun blue sky narcotic

Around about now, late winter, there always happens a day that feels special. A day that reminds one that spring really is close and that lifts the spirits of everyone after a seemingly endless winter.. Back when I was living in Montreal there would be a day when the temperature… more »

December Gwithian & Godrevy

When I’m not travelling I rarely go out specifically to take pictures, rather I tend to just sling my camera in my bag if I’m out and about, riding down to the beach of an afternoon.. that sort of thing. It means I end up with lots of pictures from… more »

a rare event..

After a significant number of winters in Montréal I was quite happy to be able to live somewhere that hardly ever saw snow.. hardly ever seems to see a frost for that matter thanks to the influence of the North Atlantic Drift down here in the far west of Cornwall….. more »

a drizzly Dodman day…

There has been plenty of bike and on-water time of late but I’ve been feeling singularly uninspired to write recently so perhaps this will help get me back into the groove …. oh, Happy New Year by the way, I hope it’s a good one for you. Yesterday paddled out… more »

a few frames more

A few frames off a recent roll of Provia 100, just because I’m struggling to get my head into gear this morning with regard to coding..I may well go for a surf later too which I can class as ‘thinking time’…

a spot of grain… around to processing a roll of beautifully grainy Fuji Neopan that’s been sitting on my desk for a few weeks… I don’t shoot much B&W, I tend to respond to colour more but it’s always fun to have a roll handy by in my Ikon rangefinder.

A Boatbuilder’s Story.. getting there!

** update: now available, click here ** Time for a long overdue update on ‘A Boatbuilder’s Story‘.. it’s been taking a lot longer than expected..  it took a bit of a back seat recently as I’ve become increasingly busy with my business.. a good thing, and when not working just plain guilty… more »

one year on…

One of the things about having a blog is that one makes friends that ultimately come along for the journey.. and it’s not just the latest bicycle journey or kayak flavoured adventure but also the bigger journey.. I know from feedback that a number of my readers have taken an… more »

Thursday, Lizard o’clock..

Met up with a couple of friends for a paddle out of Kennack Sands, approaching Lizard Point from the eastern side for a change, and continuing on round to Kynance Cove, very much a favoured lunch stop, for, err.. lunch before heading back… It was a fabulous early winter day… more »

winter light.. again

Fabulous, rapidly changing light here this afternoon as heavy rain squalls sweep in off the Atlantic in gale force winds. Love it. I stuffed a couple of rolls of Provia 100 in my pocket and legged it down to the beach with my Zeiss Ikon .. but stuffed my battered… more »

the Gear Pole race..

Last night was the annual end of summer race down at the Penzance Canoe Club.. it’s really just a sprint from the harbour wall out around the Gear Pole (the Gear Pole is an isolated danger mark on ‘gear rock’ south of Penzance harbour) with this years winning time just… more »

tug story…

Last night paddling out of Penzance with friends from the PZCC there were a couple of near identical tugs anchored a few km out to sea. The sun was rapidly sinking but they looked interesting enough to go and have a look.. so we did. I like tugs so it… more »

24hrs of Lizard

nope, not a weird reptile fetish although I did rather enjoy Warren Ellis’s “Crooked Little Vein” with it’s dodgy Godzilla references (a good read.. unless you’re easily offended.. in which case it’s not as it is quite rude).. rather the Lizard Peninsula here in Cornwall. Another favourite place with it’s… more »

more Lands End sea kayak

Yesterday I joined a couple of friends, Mark, visiting from Dorset, and regular paddling buddy Sam, for a day out padding the seas around Lands End.. again.. but it never gets boring there. This time conditions were a perfect balance of light winds but with some wave action to make… more »

Cornish Sea Kayak Rally..

This past weekend was the annual SeaCornwall Cornish Sea kayak Rally, a weekend of camping and sea kayaking in west Cornwall.  I went along Saturday and Monday, partly to enhance further the ratio of leaders to attendees but also to enjoy some good social paddling. I couldn’t make it on the… more »

Scilly paddling..

Here we are…further to my last post I’m back from guiding for/with Sea Kayaking Cornwall in the Isles of Scilly , a tailor-made sea kayaking destination if ever there was one. I lucked out with a terrific group which made the week so much more fun… including a bureau chief… more »

‘Scilly’ things to come..

It’s funny how opportunities just seem to happen when one is no longer entrenched in a ‘career’.. It was only this week I was thinking “Oh I could do with a few days of getting away from coding, from Painted Roads and so on ..” and then out of the… more »

that post-storm look

had I been shooting film it would have been a no-brainer, but as I wasn’t it took a whole day to sink-in that the drama of the post-storm light on the water on Sunday would be much better represented in black and white. Digital is funny like that, I find… more »

a little bit west of here..

With a continuing spell of settled weather this weekend was a fabulous opportunity for a social get together with a whole bunch of friends from the Penzance club and paddle  west with camping gear wedged in kayaks, in the spaces between overnight necessities such as beer, crisps (or ‘chips’ if… more »

Bag Lady..

.. not what you might expect, and you’d be unlikely to find one as shapely as this.. the lady in question being a sea kayak, more specifically an NDK Romany called Rosie, named as such by her owner who has left her in my care… I tend not to name… more »

an evening paddle.

Saw my first Sunfish (Mola Mola) of the summer last night while paddling out of Penzance, I haven’t seen one for a while. They’re not ‘common’ in Cornish waters although they are definitely around. They’re easier to spot on calm days as they bask horizontally at the surface of the… more »

West Cornwall

Earlier this year the Cornwall Tourist Board released a series of short videos, this one below is west Cornwall.. my home. Lucky enough to be born and brought up here studies, work, travel took me away for many years before I found my way back. The weather can be miserable,… more »


Beautifully rich colours in the lichen growing on the rocks out at Lizard Point today. The greenish rock it’s growing on is Serpentine, the geology of the area really is quite special..

Sea foam..

I think I’m suffering a ‘dry’ period with respect to inspiration for words and pictures.. reason being I have got a lot to think about at the moment with respect to business ideas and so on.. doing quite a lot of that thinking on my bike but nothing I could… more »

chalk and cheese..

yeah ok so maybe I did do a bit much on the bike yesterday, not feeling so great today but unable to ignore the fact that it was a nice day so met a friend for a couple of hours of messing around on the water in Mounts Bay. There… more »

a few more sea kayaking pics..

apologies for lack of words this past week, busy and lacking inspiration .. so by way of something of a continuation of the Lands End theme in my previous post below I’ll just throw a few ‘sea kayaking Lands End on a very calm spring day’ flavoured pictures at you… more »

back on the water..

back on the water after an enforced layoff of 5 weeks… I felt very out of tune with my boat and I’m still not fully recovered but it was so good to be afloat again. Some pictures follow from the last couple of days. Very little swell running but with… more »

April sky

fantastic sky over Godrevy Lighthouse this morning as heavy April showers sweep in from the northwest… I was down at the Sunset Café for a meeting on my bike but happened to have a compact in my pocket.

April Fools Afloat..

I’ve been neglecting my sea kayak over the past month or so… all my paddling time has been in my surf boat. I put that right today however with a few friends for a perfect sea kayak day out along the west coast of the Lizard peninsula. I spend a… more »

for the duration of a brew…

I’m suffering from sluggish brain cells (yes, plural…) this morning so I thought in an effort to warm them up, and for the duration of a large mug of coffee, I might write something on here about what has been going on in the mikeyverse of late.. other than kayaking… more »

hiker envy…

The summers in eastern Canada and the north-east US are hot and buggy. These places were my weekend playgrounds for the years I lived in Montréal. Winter-time one could travel by snowshoe, ski and crampon without suffering the attention of hordes of miniature bloodsucking monsters, not to mention being mindful… more »

winter ocean

While the rest of the nation apparently froze it’s collective nuts off yesterday, west Cornwall was, at +4C merely a bit nippy. With light winds and just a lazy groundswell running paddling conditions out along the west coast of the Lizard between Poldhu and Kynance were particularly mellow… although later… more »